Through the analysis of Latin America's population, culture, currency, payment methods and other aspects, game publishers can find that Latin America's new mobile game market is very promising, especially in 2021, when the Latin America mobile game market has generated $3.5 billion in revenue through consumer spending.

Market Overview in Latin America

According to eMarketer statistics, of the 627 million people in Latin America, only 156 million currently use smartphones. Latin American smartphone users are concentrated in six key countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, and most of them prefer mobile games. For example, many Latin American players like action games.

Mexico, with a population of 122 million and a gross national economy of 1.26 trillion US dollars, is one of the most important countries in Latin America. From a geographical perspective, Mexico is close to the United States, which means that Mexican mobile game players' preferences are closer to those of American players. For the development team that regards the United States as the target market, it is not difficult to enter the Mexican market.

The mobile game market in Brazil is more important than that in Mexico. Brazil has a population of 200 million and a gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.5 trillion. According to the prediction of SuperData, the revenue scale of mobile game market in Brazil will reach about 798 million dollars this year.

In addition to Mexico and Brazil, mobile game markets in several Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Venezuela, also deserve attention. The annual revenue of mobile game market in these countries is less than 100 million dollars, but the overall revenue is considerable. For overseas development teams, the challenge is to enter these relatively small markets, as well as Mexico and Brazil, by some means.

Mobile Gaming Sector in Latin America

As far as the best-selling games in Latin America are concerned, most people like Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Band, and Genshin Impact. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Genshin Impact and Garena Free Fire are popular in most countries. Mobile Legends Bang Bang can be found in the Redfinger APP Store, which provides users with the fun of using Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with redfinger cloud phone.

However, it can also be seen that the share of Chinese products in Latin America is very low, and European and American products, including HBO and Disney, still rank top. As a virtual Android system, redfinger allows users to own another Android phone on one device. Cloud emulator android redfinger hardly needs data, storage and battery power. Users can run games 24/7 on the cloud.

Latin American players tend to like MMORPG series games developed by Chinese publishers. In addition, users are accredited to playing council, sandbox, social with learning online, gambling with learning online categories mobile games, such as Call of Duty Mobile and Candy Crush. But surprisingly, EA's soccer games rank relatively low.

Today, advertisers currently active in Latin America are roughly divided into five categories. International gambling here refers to gambling websites or applications with international influence, such as betway. In addition to the advertisers mentioned above, there is also a list of advertisers in the Latin American game industry.

Slots and Domino categories games have gained various popularity in this region. The policies formulated by the platform are generally not strict. At the same time, users may like games with social attributes, such as Garena Free Fire and MOBA. Financial games have great potential in the market.

Great Potentials in Latin America and Brazil

Brazil is the largest game market in Latin America, with game revenue ranking 12th in the world. In 2021, the Brazilian game market will create a revenue of 2.3 billion dollars, with an overall year-on-year growth of 5.1%. It is expected that the market will grow by more than 5.3% in 2022. The number of game application downloads reached 4.57 billion, and consumer spending exceeded 571 million dollars. Mobile games occupy a leading position in the Brazilian game market and are expected to grow steadily in the future.

Although Brazil is an important global game market, the price of its game console hardware is high, and mobile devices are the most economical choice for game players. From the perspective of gender, women are more inclined to mobile terminals; From the perspective of income, the middle and low income classes are more inclined to mobile terminals. Therefore, judging from the perspective of market share, income, growth rate, or market development potential, the mobile terminal is the most noteworthy platform in the recent development of the Brazilian game market. Game publishers should pay attention to these issues when exploring the Latin American market.

On the whole, the Brazilian game market is in a dividend period of rapid development. In particular, the mobile game market still has huge potential, and it will certainly become one of the important landing points for games going overseas outside the United States, Japan and South Korea. Chinese game manufacturers need to cater to local culture and consumption habits and provide highly localized high-quality works.